A day in the life of Jade Cox


Name: Jade Cox

Job Title: Sale and Finance Administrator (Business Administrator)

Time with the company: Started in January 2018


What’s typically the first task of the day?

Depends on what day it is, sometimes my first task of the day could be to go for a run followed by getting my son ready for the day (it’s a battle, he’s 3 going on 7!). Then followed by making my husband his lunch for work (they say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… I must be doing something right, especially after 14 years together).

Then once in the office, the priority is COFFEE….

I then sit down and bullet point all my tasks for the day and prioritise them (the satisfying feeling you get crossing them off once you have completed one is lovely… also, I never miss anything as I have a terrible memory!).

How would you describe your role within the Amtech team?

Firstly, I like to look after my team and they say that I am like a mum (I do wonder if that’s because I moan about cups being left out or lumps in the sugar bowl!).

My administrative role is really varied and fun. I look after the accounts (Invoices, PO’s reconciling the accounts, expenses etc.) I manage Holiday and Sickness and everyone’s calendar within the company. I also manage stock, stationery and supplies as well as looking after the new office and the maintenance of it any other administrate duties that pop up.

What is your main priority on a typical day?

So far my main priority has been to do with our new office move, getting quotes, making sure we are as close to budget as can be, making sure all contractors work together in a timely manner and making sure it’s a smooth transaction. Following that, making sure the accounts side of things is all running smoothly. Making sure the new coffee machine produces great coffee – which I can confirm it does!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

There isn’t one specific job that’s my favourite, what I enjoy is that every day has different challenges and I really enjoy working with everyone at Amtech.

Have you had much experience in this industry before, if so, what?

I used to work for a similar company that support Avaya phone systems and I helped in different administrative roles which are similar to Amtech.  Amtech is so fresh, current and supporting that it makes you want to develop and grow within the business.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There isn’t a typical day for me. There are tasks I try to do daily so they don’t build up… for example, answering the phone and transferring/taking messages, adding invoices to Xero and trying to reconcile them, sending invoices and raising PO’s and authorising expenses.

I also look after the holiday/sickness requests, update all necessary work and organise quotes for any works to be done.

I make sure we have everything we need to function in the office and as a team (sometimes that means spending money – who doesn’t like to do that?!)

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