A Day in the Life of Mark Carey

Our series continues with finding out what Mark Carey gets up to in a typical day at work.

Name: Mark Carey

Job Title: Servicedesk Team Leader

Time with the company: 3 Years


What’s typically the first task of the day?

My first task of the day will normally involve checking through the ServiceDesk queue, making sure there are no Priority 1 issues outstanding and if so, to respond accordingly.


How would you describe your role within the Amtech team?

My primary responsibility at Amtech as the ServiceDesk Team Leader is to make sure that all our Service Level Agreements with our customers are adhered to and managed to a high standard. Another part of my job is to manage relationships with our customers, part of this includes gathering initial feedback on customer satisfaction and experience, making appropriate changes/improvements based on initial feedback. Also, being a team leader I have the responsibility of making sure my team are fully satisfied in the role that they are performing, making sure that they have all the relevant tools and skills to be able to perform at their best, and most importantly making sure that the team are happy in their work.


What is your main priority on a typical day?

My main priority on a typical day is to manage the ServiceDesk queue making sure that all requests are dealt within the relevant SLA’s.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

The part of my job I enjoy the most is working with my team, we have built an excellent team here at Amtech and I can honestly say that in all my working years I haven’t been part of a better team, it’s a great environment for people to thrive in and because of that it creates great productivity from the team.


Have you had much experience in this industry before, if so, what?

I’ve been lucky enough to of worked in the industry for 20 years, starting my career at the BBC I worked my way up from a Helpdesk Operative to a Desktop/Network Engineer in the 8 years I spent there, this I believe was a great learning curve for me because I was part of a 24X7 team that delivered services all over the world. It was a high-pressure environment to work in at an early age but I believe it taught me some good lessons in how to conduct yourself when faced with some challenging moments. After leaving the BBC I worked for a number of investment firms in the city before eventually moving to Amtech.


What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s very hard to say what a typical day is due to the nature of our work so no day is normally the same. Fundamentally, we are the support desk so from that point of view we are here to support our customers first and foremost, however part of my role includes providing Servicedesk reports to our customers which are provided on a monthly basis. These reports are made up of numerous statistics about what tickets have been raised over the previous month. I’m also involved in creating some of the companies processes, as the ServiceDesk is always evolving new procedures are created because of this, my role is to identify these early and make sure that we have a coherent policy on how to deal with whatever comes our way.


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