Our Approach

A bespoke solution that is right for you

Our Approach

No project or client are the same

No project or client are the same – and Amtech are renowned for being as agile and strategic as required. It may be you need an urgent hot-fix to your existing telephony solution, or it may be a full on strategic transformation of your contact strategy. Whatever your need, we guarantee a bespoke solution that is right for you.

Many of our services are available as either a single, one-time engagement or as part of our continuous retained service, which gives you repeated, periodic access to professional analysis and guidance. No matter what you choose, Amtech helps ensure your organisation gets the most out of your communications investment.

Typically our approach includes:

  • Providing solutions that improve communication quickly and effectively
  • Acting as a single point of contact for services and products from all vendors and distributors
  • Experienced Project Managers will be accountable for implementation and completion, against a Prince 2 framework
  • Smooth deployment of network solutions along with all you cabling and wifi needs. Zero downtime where possible
  • Finally, training! You need to make the most of your latest tools, and we will make sure that happens.

Although platform agnostic, we have a lot of experience in designing, procuring and installing the latest Cisco system

Our People

We believe that each customer is as unique as us, and therefore requires a bespoke customer experience.

Meet our people

Volac Case Study

Amtech helped Volac build a new network offering greater connectivity, resilience and flexibility


How you collaborate with your customers on projects, and how your staff share best practice internally can make or break your business.

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