What is flexible working in 2017?

Flexible working is traditionally associated with variable start and finish times, or simply working from home out of necessity, but unified communications and collaboration technology allows flexible working to take on new meaning in our world of work.

The importance of maximising your Cisco promotions

To start with an analogy, Cisco could, arguably, be seen as a high-end, premium IT solution. More specifically, an IT...

Hello to the tech savvy child

What will technology teach our children and what will they learn to love as they grow up in our digital world?

Packlock and lock chain

The Security Revolution?

With all the recent talk about hackers, cybersecurity and security flaws, let's open up the 'security revolution' to discussion.

Man running with briefcase.

The Future Worforce Unlocked by Interoperability

Have you ever wondered what the modern working environment might look like, and how how about the ways technology is already making the office more productive?

It’s Do or Die for retail.

Search, click, and receive. I’ve just ordered my latest batch of wardrobe updates, all from the very comfort of my...

IoT – Channelnomics Webinar

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that has so much potential, and yet to many it has relatively...

There’s a lot of Buzz in the Channel

From looking at a list of buzzwords published by CompTIA at the beginning of this year it’s quite easy to...

“Flexible Working Solutions” for all…

With the recent government legislation change in flexible working rights – I’m keen as a business owner and technologist –...

‘The Core’ is key

When Sky TV came along in the UK – alongside the 5 terrestrial channels were tens of shopping channels and...