How Cisco Meraki is helping small businesses to unleash their full potential

The UK business world is dominated by small and medium enterprises, many of whom benefit from a level of flexibility and adaptability that is simply not possible in larger organisations. This capacity for change can help to give them the leading edge in today’s dynamic business environment – provided they can keep up with developments in technology. Cisco, a leading provider in the field of communications and collaboration technology has recognised that having access to the right technology at the right price can help SMEs to reduce complexity, boost productivity, keep costs down and increase security all at the same time – and Cisco Meraki is at the heart of this quiet revolution.

Network management made simple

Cisco Meraki is a 100% cloud based IT solution that allows you to manage your entire network from a centralised dashboard that is available whenever you need it, wherever you are. Whether you prefer to use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will always have all the information you need immediately accessible at your fingertips, all presented within an attractive, streamlined interface that makes it as easy as possible to manage.

The Cisco Meraki portfolio is centrally managed from an intuitive interface. This feature-rich, easy-to-use dashboard enables customers to reduce operating costs and rapidly implement IT initiatives to achieve their organization’s mission.”

The software is constantly updated and new security features are being added all the time, so that you never have to worry about keeping things up to date.

A complete product range

The Cisco Meraki product range offers a complete range of hardware and software to support an incredible range of applications. This includes:

  • Wireless LAN
  • Security / SD-WAN
  • Switching
  • Insight
  • Endpoint Management
  • Security Cameras.  

Meraki solutions have been commissioned in a range of sectors including primary and higher education, retail, hospitality, manufacturing. It is also a highly effective solution for enterprise mobility management (EMM), branch networking and provision of other services.

No matter how complex your needs, the Meraki philosophy is the same – powerful control with simple tools. The technology is built to help teams perform to the very best of their ability and has played a part in transforming companies of every shape and size.

Meraki combines experience with intelligence to power decision making and help propel businesses forward.

Why is Amtech your perfect partner?

Even with the simplicity and ease of use offered by the Cisco Meraki solution, many business leaders simply don’t have time available to play a hands on role in the development and deployment of new systems, let alone the resources to manage them on a day to day basis. That’s where Amtech is your perfect partner. A professional services organisation specialising in unified communication, collaboration, computer networking and security solutions as well as providing partner enablement services, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver technically excellent end to end solutions that conform to best practice designs, processes and methodologies. A Cisco Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best in services and solutions along with exceptional customer support.

To find out how Amtech Business Solutions can help you transform your business with Cisco Meraki, call us today on 0330 6600 538.

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