A Day in the Life of Jacob Wood

The next instalment of our series, we find out what a typical day looks like for Jacob Wood, Amtech’s Cisco...

Cisco’s acquisition of Broadsoft shows their strategic direction

It’s been an interesting week for us here at Amtech, digesting the news after Cisco announced that they are buying...

Getting to know the team – Jacob Wood (Cisco Engineer)

This week on our 'Getting to know the team' series we did a light-hearted interview with Jacob Wood, one talented Cisco Engineers, to find out more about them.

Street sign - one way leads to 'Grey Market' and the other to 'Legitimate'.

Cisco Grey Market

What is the Cisco 'grey market', what risks does it pose, and what happens if something goes wrong with your equipment? Most importantly, we cover tips on how to avoid it

Review: Hands on with Cisco Spark

We take a look at Cisco Spark and our experiences over the past month of using the subscription-based cloud collaboration service.

5 Must-Haves for the Digital Workplace

The importance of maximising your Cisco promotions

To start with an analogy, Cisco could, arguably, be seen as a high-end, premium IT solution. More specifically, an IT...

Man running with briefcase.

The Future Worforce Unlocked by Interoperability

Have you ever wondered what the modern working environment might look like, and how how about the ways technology is already making the office more productive?