Why use call recording?

There are many advantages to recording calls in the customer service industry, or even further afield.

We have put together a list to outline the reasons why we think call recording will help your business or organisation.

Lead by example

Instead of telling staff how you want calls handled, play an example of a call that was handled well. Our powerful directory based interface can be configured to allow staff to listen to their own calls so they can hear for themselves when they are failing to deliver clear, concise information.

Resolve disputes

Retrieve the recording to prove what was actually said or not said!

Clarify misunderstandings

Playback a call to clarify any misunderstanding that may have arisen. Alternatively, playback to retrieve phone numbers, postcodes or indeed any vital information that may have been scribbled down wrong.


Protect your staff from abusive or threatening behaviour by informing all callers that calls will be recorded.

Create a knowledge base

By storing and maybe even allowing employees access to important or informative calls. This is particularly useful when training new employees.

Make training easy and fun

Pick the good calls and show people how easy it is to do the job well. Use your own phone system to do ‘mock’ calls and show them what you mean by a bad call.

Raise standards

When staff know their calls are being recorded, they are unlikely to provide a sloppy or offhand service. And this means happier clients.

Understand your business

Sometimes it is hard when running a business to be aware of what is done and said at every level in your organisation. By recording calls, you can do simple spot checks at any time to hear for yourself what your customers experience on a daily basis.

Check first

If an odd call appears on your call logging report, e.g. a long overseas call, you can listen to it and check whether it is legitimate before taking your employee to task over why it was made.

At Amtech Business Solutions, we have multiple call recording solutions to offer you. RedBox Solutions and Tri-Line being the main vendors that we prefer to use.

If you would like more information about call recording, contact us on 0330 6600 538.

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