Cisco Unified Communications Manager – version 12

Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 12 has been readily available for some time now and any issues associated with a new software version have been ironed out and resolved. Most of the features and functions related to this new release are around interoperability and enhancing the way this works currently. For example:

  • Support for the latest Apple Push notifications on mobile and tablet devices
  • Minimum TLS version control form improved security
  • Enhancements for Single Sign On
  • Extension Mobility enhancements (eliminates the use of long login credentials)
  • SMART licensing

On the SMART licensing side – Cisco are really keen to improve visibility of license usage and Consumption.

Their new product Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM) is a free application that talks to Cisco’s cloud and gives a near real time view and enhancements such as license migrations, RMA’s, etc. Please get in touch with the team for more details and remember that all active SWSS customers can migrate to version 12 at any time (software is covered, Professional Services will need to be quoted).

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