Could my business benefit from cloud telephony?

Communication is at the heart of collaboration and in today’s business world this is more important than ever before. With companies increasingly working from many different geographical locations – often in different countries or even continents – having a stable and secure communications solution at the right price can be business critical. For many businesses, cloud based telephony is proving to be the answer. Read on to learn more.

What is cloud based telephony?

Cloud telephony is also known as hosted telephony. The terms refer specifically to voice services, in particular the replacement of conventional business telephone equipment, such as a private branch exchange (PBX), with third-party voice over IP (VoIP) services, allowing streamlined communications with team members whether they are based on or off site.

What are the benefits of cloud based telephony?

Unlike traditional infrastructure, cloud telephony allows you to start communicating with your employees and customers from any device, any platform and from any location almost immediately. Professional grade communications can be set up in just a few days as opposed to on premise solutions that require weeks and months of planning, leaving your team ready to hit the ground running.

With a fully managed solution, there is no need for your own dedicated IT team to manage and support the system and no need to make significant investments in hardware. New features will usually be introduced as software updates, meaning that you can take advantage of the latest technologies without additional costs.

Cloud based telephony solutions are scalable to the needs of your business, helping to minimise operating costs. Thanks to their flexibility, they are an ideal solution for businesses large and small.

How secure is cloud based telephony?

In the information age, protecting your company’s data is more important than ever. On the one hand, there are strict duties to protect customer data under the GDPR regulations, whilst on the other hand it is critical to success to ensure that internal information is not able to get into the wrong hands. With this in mind, it is natural that companies will be asking how secure cloud based telephony is.

At Amtech, we use one of Europe’s leading cloud based telephony providers to offer the highest possible level of security. The ‘Universe’ solution from Firstcom is packed with real-time security features to protect your communications, and features the latest Cisco handsets connected to their back end hosted platform for seamless security that meets the needs of businesses in every sector.

The Universe cloud-based system is protected with GDPR compliant advanced SIP Encryption, ensuring that all your calls are fully secured so that your business is never at risk of data loss through eavesdropping.

How can I learn more about cloud based telephony?

If you are looking to replace an existing telephony system or invest in a completely new system, we are abe able to offer consultancy, design, installation, support and managed services, acting as a single point of contact at every stage of the project. We have a reputation for delivering technically excellent solutions that conform to best practice designs, processes and methodologies.

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