“Flexible Working Solutions” for all…

With the recent government legislation change in flexible working rights – I’m keen as a business owner and technologist – to see how this will affect people up and down the country.

“Every employee now has the right to request flexible working hours after the government extended the right previously reserved for carers and those looking after children.”

As a company that not only sells but practices flexible working solutions, I can see that this will be of great benefit to employees trying to have a better work/life balance. In most cases, working from home and over flexible hours can be more productive than forcing people to commute at the same time as everyone else clogging up our already busy roads and public transport systems. Whilst there are some industries and jobs where it is much more difficult for someone to work from home rather than be in the office, for the vast majority, the technology is there to make the experience ‘seamless’ and not a cumbersome and taxing experience for all parties.

Years ago, the luxury of working from home was restricted to business owners, management and tech savvy companies. Many people would have an ISDN line installed at home for the privilege!  As ADSL, broadband and now fibre is in the mainstream for consumers, there is a chance that working from home might actually provide a faster connection to certain business services! Remote access now has the power to provide an extremely comparable solution for remote workers as when they are in the office with regards to IT and systems access, telephony, video and communications.

For communications at Amtech, we use Cisco Jabber. We all have a soft client on our laptops and can communicate by sending instant messaging, setup a desktop sharing session, invite colleagues to an audio, video and web conference and all from a single application and at the click of a button. It is not cumbersome and it mirrors our usage and experience whether we are at home, in the office or on the road. We can also communicate from our Laptop’s, ‘generic tablet device’ (iPad!) and smartphone. Obviously the people look a lot smaller on my iPhone than on my Laptop! We can also do this without the need to setup a VPN connection.

So – remember the phrase Flexible Working Solutions. It has the ability to change our working and home lives for the better.

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Andrea (Cooper) Gibson - Head of Business Development