Getting to know the team – Andrea Gibson (Business Development)

This week we interview Andrea Gibson who works in Business Development. Andrea has years of experience in the sales industry and has worked at some of the top telecoms companies in the country. Despite juggling her busy work-life with three growing children, Andrea contributes hugely to the success of Amtech. Join us in our interview, where we take a whistle-stop tour through some of their life experiences and find out more what goes on behind the scenes of a sales superstar.

What’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

I visited an ice-cream farm in Tattenhall near Chester (worth a visit if you are passing especially if you have kids as lots for them to do) and I tried Lemon Meringue ice cream which is amazing!  I am a big fan of the pudding and mixed with ice cream it’s a perfect combination!

If you could be an animal then what animal would you be?

A cat.  They sleep lots and they do exactly what they want to do and choose when, which I think sounds ideal!

What’s the one thing you enjoy the most?

I know everyone else has said this too, but it’s spending time with my family.  I have 3 beautiful kids 9,7 and 3 who are just a joy to be around.  I love them to bits!  Days out with my kids are as close to being a kid again as you can get yourself!  Swimming, going to zoo, walks, cycling, playing with Lego, trips to cinema, when I do these things with my family I see these things through their little eyes and it becomes so much more fun!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

Thailand.  I had an amazing holiday there, highlights were scuba diving on coral reef and elephant ride.  The food was amazing, beaches were awesome and people were very friendly and welcoming.

What’s the nerdiest thing that you like to do in your spare time?

I do cross-stich!  I find it really relaxing to get absorbed in creating something. I have made my parents a Gaelic sampler and am planning my next project which is a picture for my youngest daughter, Eliza.  Eliza loves elephants (although she calls them hoots!), the picture shows two grey elephants in a line and a third patchwork elephant is shown facing the other way.  The caption is “Be different”.  A good motto too I think!

What do you like about working at Amtech?

I work with some great people who I very much like and admire.  It’s good fun and it feels like we are collectively working to build and expand the business.  I work much more closely with technical, marketing and operations than I have in previous organisations and I like that as I feel it makes me more effective, I have also gained some new skills!

Talking ideas through and then making them happen is something that I enjoy doing and seeing the business grow throughout the 10 months that I have been working with Amtech is really exciting.

What’s been your biggest challenge whilst working on Amtech?

In previous jobs I have worked with the end client.  Amtech is a channel only organisation, so I have needed to change the way I work slightly to work with partners rather than the end client.  The other thing is getting across the value that smaller more agile businesses can bring to partners.  I feel smaller businesses can give customer’s greater flexibility and a more personal service and I am always learning and refining how I can articulate this effectively.

What are you looking forward to in the future with Amtech?

Seeing the business grow and getting to meet more people both clients and new staff.


That wraps things up again for another couple of weeks.

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Andrea (Cooper) Gibson - Head of Business Development