IPFX Unified Communications and Contact Centre Review

When I first saw IPFX being used, my first thoughts were, this solves so many problems in the workplace. Do you need to know when someone is working? Are you out for a meeting and want to setup a voicemail which gives the caller the exact time you’ll be getting back? Or maybe you want to prioritise certain phone numbers over, let’s say, those prolific cold callers. With IPFX, it can all be done without having to speak to someone in the IT department.

Essentially, IPFX is a suite of products for managing incoming and outgoing communications, which is materialised in the form of a user friendly GUI that runs as an add in for Microsoft Outlook. What does this all mean? Well, it means one version for all and all for one. Users, call centre agents and administrators can all access everything from one place and it works with systems that they’re already used to.

The interface for IPFX is snappy, intuitive and comprehensive in its features. Throughout the demo I received initially, I was testing just how far it could go, and constantly saying, but can it do this? And, on most occasions, I was surprised that it could. I was particularly impressed by its ‘overflow’ system, whereby, if you are receiving a high number of calls, it can easily add other team members to the system to take them. What this means is, instead of lengthy wait times and high abandonment rates for callers, the company can make a concerted effort to always the answer the phone as quickly as possible.

Everything can be done with a click of the mouse or a touch of a button, in fact, this is part of IPFX’s core philosophy, which makes it ultra-easy to use. Whether you want to forward a call, look someone up in its company directory, or instant message a colleague, it can all be done through one place and there are helpful icons and toolbars to lead you through the process.

IPFX add-in for Microsoft Outlook

IPFX add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Getting communication right is an important part of any institution, corporation or company. IPFX allows you to see information that is critical to day to day operations on the fly. For example, even simple things, like how many callers are in a contact centre queue and how many team members are on hand to speak to them. The system even goes as far as to allow you to select and customise filters. One really helpful filter that we recommend is ‘expertise’, so you can easily see who is the most knowledgeable in a particular area and assign the caller to them.

Handling information the right way internally can be the difference between the outward appearance of a professional, team orientated organisation that knows what it’s doing, or unfortunately, a company of individuals who just happen to show up at the same office. Having the right unified communications system in place goes a long way. Previously, many of the features that enable you to do this would have only been available to large corporations with a big budget, but IPFX has solutions available which are suitable for much smaller companies at only a fraction of the cost.

And still, this isn’t the whole picture. IPFX is pioneering the way we handle things externally and internally within the workplace with its concept of right-time communications. Right-time communication addresses the hot-topic of productivity. IPFX carried out extensive research on the psychology behind the way we handle communications. They found that external interference, such as a phone call, can be extremely disruptive to work flow, particularly when the call is not related to the project you’re working on.

IPFX present a potential solution to disruptions at the workplace by allowing you to prioritise incoming traffic. Say, for example, you know realistically that there is only one person you’d take a call from whilst working on a specific project, you are able to setup caller groups through IPFX that will assist you in doing exactly this. Likewise, if you know that there are a few other people which you ‘may’ want to take a call from, you can create another group for them. Hey presto! You now have a simple communications hierarchy which effectively means only the calls that matter to you get through. What happens to the calls that don’t get through? Well, IPFX caters for this with business grade voicemail, such as gone for the day, on holiday, and ‘in a meeting’, personalised messages that are available at a click of a button. Not to mention, there’s the aforesaid overflow and call management system which can reroute those calls to your team members.

In short, we love the IPFX system for its simplicity and extensive range of features. We truly believe that IPFX are making professional grade communications available to companies and organisations of all sizes, and this really is a brilliant thing to see in the industry. The word of IPFX is slowly spreading, and it already has thousands of followers from around the world. We can’t wait to see more companies adopt it’s refreshing approach to unified communications.


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