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When it comes to advanced, enterprise class remote networking, communication and collaboration solutions, modern technology plays a huge part in powering productivity and enabling teams to achieve. Brands such as Cisco are leading the way with cutting edge technology that is transforming the way both teams and individuals work. However, there is more to the equation than technology alone – when security and reliability are high priorities, it is also important to think about support. Here at Amtech, we are proud to offer a complex range of support services to meet the needs of businesses of every shape and size, no matter how demanding the situation. Read on to learn more about just what support we provide.

Contact centre solutions

We recognise that customer acquisition, service and retention are at the heart of strategy for most organisations and understand the central role that contact centres play. Although social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are continuing to transform the way companies do business with many of their customers, traditional channels such as telephone and email remain highly important and are not showing any sign of decline in the foreseeable future. The ability to deal swiftly with customer interactions from all available channels and report them effectively is of huge strategic importance.

Here at Amtech,our team of experts truly understands the challenges and issues facing contact centres at every level, from executives and managers concerned with ROI and operational strategy to technical staff and engineers responsible for service delivery.

Our contact centre solutions include:

  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
  • IPFX Contact Centre
  • VSR2 Wallboards
  • Redbox Recorders

Network and application monitoring

When it comes to managing remote networks effectively, accurate, real-time information is key. Complex networks have complex monitoring demands that may include:

  • Checking and monitoring network configuration
  • Load balancing for various applications
  • Monitoring network connection speeds
  • Identifying network changes

With our network and application monitoring solutions, we take the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with the tools you need to get accurate and reliable information quickly. We are able to deploy applications and services to look at what traffic is traversing WAN links, send email and SMS notifications when a device interface goes down, provide trending statistics for particular areas of concern and many more situations and scenarios, giving you total peace of mind.

Network monitoring tools

Amtech provide IT monitoring and management built for SysAdmins and network engineers who need powerful and affordable tools. They offer to-the-minute solutions for the toughest of IT management problems, helping experts to do what they do best and keep their organisation running effectively. These tools include:

  • Network performance monitoring
  • Server and application monitoring
  • Database performance analysis
  • Virtualization management
  • Network bandwidth analysis
  • Storage resource monitoring
  • Network configuration management
  • Log and event management
  • Voice and network quality management

Here at Amtech, we have the skills and capability to deploy these solutions and operate a managed or support service to act on the results and keep your organisation running.

24/7 Support for total peace of mind

As well as providing the very latest in software and services for network management and monitoring, we also provide a 24/7 service desk to look after all your monitoring and fault resolution needs, so that you can be sure that you or your client’s networks always have service.

From consultancy and design to installation, support and managed services, here at Amtech Business Solutions we pride ourselves in being able to deliver technically excellent solutions that conform to best practice designs, processes and methodologies. To learn more about our comprehensive range of solutions, call now on 0330 6600 538.

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