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Delivering SIP for a resilient and secure network

Communication services cover a breadth of activity, but your customer voice data needs to be protected and safe, and your policies must comply with the latest data regulations.  

This includes protecting company intellectual property, financial transactions, and preventing wiretapping and toll fraud. 

We have many innovative solutions, and we are one of the leading partners for Firstcom Europe encrypted SIP. A Firstcom, SAFE Gateway device is a low cost device that is easy to deploy whenever secure voice calls need to be implemented.  

The device is installed at the customer site and encrypts all source call data between the customer’s phone systems and Firstcom. The FirstcomSAFEGateway can also be used as an on-site Se required by some phone systems when SIP Trunking is implemented. 

We also take an omi-channel approach to communications based around three pillars: 

PeopleFull buy in by employees and senior management team is essential for the omni channel approach. At Amtech we support you through the design and development process of a fully integrated system – providing user adoption training and full service wrap support.  

Data: Any successful omni channel CX approach needs to have an un-siloed approach to customer data.  Your customer doesn’t see the relationship with you as customer service and sales, they see you as one company.  At Amtech we can integrate any UC system with your customer services database and CRM asset – giving you a single view of your customer.  

Technology: Technology should be defined by what customer experience you want to deliver.  At  Amtech we work with a variety of solutions – and if we find something new, then we will research it for you to ensure it meets your CX requirements. 

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