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When it comes to collaborative projects there are many factors that are critical to success – not least communication and costs. In a world where team members can work from anywhere on the globe, finding reliable, cutting-edge solutions that facilitate fast and effective communication without a huge outlay can be challenging. There is one range of products and services that stands out as offering the best of both worlds – Cisco Webex.

In person or online – a seamless experience

In the age of modern business, it is increasingly common for a team to consist of individuals or sub teams located not just in different offices but in different countries or even continents. Once you’ve addressed the logistics of different time zones and getting everybody together at an appropriate hour, you want to be sure that meetings will go as smoothly as possible, with swift and stable connections and quality video and audio, so that team members can communicate clearly and effectively.

The latest range of business communications technology available in the Webex range supports anything from in-person meetings or huddle spaces to online video conferencing. The Webex suite offers enterprise class solutions, but is priced with the needs of small and growing businesses in mind.

Productive collaboration – factors to consider

Before deciding on the right collaborative technology for your business, there are some factors that are important to consider. Giving thought to these at the outset will help to ensure you invest in the right infrastructure and make meetings both productive and cost effective.

Collaboration style

It is important to consider the collaboration style of your team, and how this affects the workplace. How do your people prefer to communicate and collaborate? Will online meetings be enough? Or do you need a multipurpose platform that offers messaging, project management, and file sharing?

If your team uses a range of different platforms by different providers, you may find that you can reduce overheads, improve productivity and enhance project management by bringing these different elements into a single, seamless package.


Do you need the scalability offered by a cloud-based collaboration solution, or will a premise-based solution be more suitable to meet your needs? More and more businesses are now opting for a cloud-based collaboration solution because of the incredible versatility and scalability it offers.


In today’s dynamic marketplace, the ability to scale up and down between projects or bring in outside talent to support more complex projects makes the cloud based approach more and more attractive. With a cloud based solution, team members also have the opportunity to work from the devices that are most suitable to them, giving them the freedom to unleash their full creative potential.

Accessibility & Security

A cloud based meetings and collaboration solution that allows members to participate from any location with any device means that your projects can be more accessible than ever before. At the same time, this introduces the issue of security. Luckily, Cisco put accessibility and security at the heart of everything they do – after all, they are a world leader in the field. As a result, Webex solutions offer an exceptional user experience and total peace of mind as standard.

Proven, cloud-based technology

Before investing in any technology for your business, you’ll want to be sure that you are getting exceptional value for money in return. It is not by coincidence that every month over 113 million professionals rely on Webex to collaborate and to move projects forward faster. If proven technology is what you are looking for, then Webex is the answer.

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