Secure your phone network with SIP Encrypt

The National Cyber Security Centre has reported a 20% rise in cyber-attacks on law firms in the UK, resulting in £11m of client money being defrauded.

As such, you are probably already protecting data on servers, PCs and laptops, meaning data contained within can’t be ready without the password. But what about data being passed through your phone lines – which carries equally as sensitive information?

To stop hackers listening in, or using your phone network to ‘walk in the front door’, there is a fast and simple solution every practice should consider to secure phones.

In a nutshell, you can now encrypt a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk – which is essentially the link from your phone system to the public telephone network over an IP based connection.

We work with Firstcom’s SIP Encrypt solution to prove a SIP Trunk service that is fully encrypted between your premise and the Firstcom network, or in fact any other network.

It can even be a fully managed service – meaning any issues or problems are visible to us first and we take remedial action before you notice anything is wrong.

The SIP Encrypt service uses the Advanced Encryption Standard 256 algorithm, which is the prevailing benchmark across the World. SIP Encrypt can also form an important asset in any ISO audit or GDPR strategy as it enables organisations to demonstrate security pertaining to personal data about employees or customers.

The service comes with all the features you’d expect to meet your contact strategy, like call redirects, recording, routing and caller identification. Additional benefits include:

  • Encryption – AES 256 algorithm, as approved by the US National Security Agency
  • Extra security – Uses Username versus IP address for authentication so less prone to fraud
  • Flexible – Works over existing, non-Firstcom circuit

Talk to us today about the benefits of SIP Encrypt – we’ll even provide a free demo.

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