Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centres are a key part of most organisations customer acquisition, service and retention strategy. Traditional methods of customer service (telephone and email) will still be the preferred method of communication for quite a while yet. The adoption of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc) to deal with customer interactions is moving along at a rapid pace. From a management perspective, being able to deal with these encounters and report on them in the same way as you would do with a telephone call is becoming more apparent.

At Amtech, we believe that we understand a lot of the challenges and issues facing contact centres. From the CXO who is trying to ensure they are getting value for money from their investment to the contact centre manager who is looking at how to staff his operation with home workers as well as onsite staff. Even down to the technical managers and engineers who are responsible for making script changes, uploading announcements and ensuring the system is available all of the time.

  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
  • IPFX Contact Centre
  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise
  • Imagicle Application Suite
  • Redbox Recorders
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