Getting to know the team

James Farmer is one of our senior engineers and a true specialist in unified communications. Since a young age, James has always had an inquisitive nature, especially when it comes to computers and electronics. He often tells us of the daring experiments he used to carry out around the home when he... Read more

In this fortnight's interview on Getting to know the team we spoke with our Service Desk Team Leader, Mark Carey. Mark has a longstanding technical background working with national broadcasting companies and major investment firms in the finance sector. He has worked all the way up from support roles... Read more

This week we welcome Ryan Mitchell, one of our talented Collaboration Engineers, to the blog. Ryan recently graduated from Derby University, and was quickly snatched up to work here at Amtech soon after. He was no stranger to the industry though, as... Read more

Our most recent interview is with George Bearman, our marketing executive and editor of the blog. George went to the University of Birmingham and is an English Literature graduate. After gaining experience in the service and recruitment industries, George decided to make a career move to the cha... Read more

This week we learn more about Emma Bees who is one of our regular writers on the blog. Emma is part of the marketing team at Amtech and she is also the go to Sales and Business Administrator. Originally, Emma was the manager of one the biggest... Read more

Intro Despite Dave Melin’s extremely busy schedule, we had the pleasure of welcoming him here on the blog. Dave is one of the founders of Amtech and it’s really his vision that we owe a lot to for some of the things we do today. We asked a few fun questions to ... Read more

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