Intro Despite Dave Melin’s extremely busy schedule, we had the pleasure of welcoming him here on the blog. Dave is one of the founders of Amtech and it’s really his vision that we owe a lot to for some of the things we do today. We asked a few fun questions to ... Read more

With the recent government legislation change in flexible working rights – I’m keen as a business owner and technologist – to see how this will affect people up and down the country. “Every employee now has the right to request flexible working hours after the government e... Read more

When Sky TV came along in the UK – alongside the 5 terrestrial channels were tens of shopping channels and their continuous infomercials. Lot’s of them focus on fitness and promise to give you a tighter hips, bums and tums and show you a before and after picture of how some ‘ordinary’ person ha... Read more

Living and working in rural England is a real balancing act. On the positive side – when the weather is good, there are few finer places to be. A nice walk followed by a good pub lunch or a pint is a very British thing and one we should be proud of. Also the peace and tranquility of... Read more

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