The benefits of unified communication

Unified communication is all about improving the way you collaborate internally as well as with customers and other businesses. It’s a great way to optimise and streamline your businesses’ working process.

Having a single application that is accessible from anywhere is an easy and modern way of working collaboratively, allowing your team to connect with each other from different locations. This makes it easy for staff members that travel or work from home to be kept in the loop with emails, voice, data, instant messaging, fax and video conferencing.

What is unified communication?

If your team are required to travel within their job, it can be difficult to get hold of them. Unified communication allows you to be able to get hold of them instantly via the device that is nearest to them.

It allows businesses to merge all of their channels of communication into one single interface that can be accessed on any PC, smartphone or tablet.

What are the benefits of unified communication?

1) Single and flexible infrastructure

Having all of your communication methods in one place means it is a lot easier to manage. You can choose to even have your interface hosted completely cloud based, meaning no hardware is needed although a choice of the two is available. Using unified communication means you will be investing in a life-long solution that allows you to grow your business with a platform that grows alongside you.

2) Reduced costs

The cost of having lots of separate products for your business that don’t sync can be high. Combining all of your communication tools into one monthly cost will be cheaper and simpler. Switching to a unified communications platform can save you money by:

  • Limiting the need for hardware – no expensive installation or maintenance bills
  • Reducing overall system costs by 40-60% by replacing the legacy hardware with unified communication servers
  • Lowering messaging costs by 50-80%
  • Reducing travel expenses by an average of 20-40% due to more effective communication regardless of location
  • Lowering building costs by 30-40% as you are able to have more staff on the road or working at home
  • Reducing landline and mobile bills by using the internet to place calls or making calls on your mobile via the office phone system
  • Reducing bills for phone and audio conferencing by 20-40% due to high quality of VoIP and video

3) Reduced carbon footprint

Converting to unified communications can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by reducing employees needs to travel. You can also save on your energy usage because there will be less machines on site to keep running.

Unified communication solutions are the greenest IT solutions on the modern market. As your employees can work from home with ease, they will be less likely to use their cars to make the journey into the office which also reduces your carbon footprint.

4) Improved Productivity

Merging all of your platforms allows the ability to significantly improve how staff interact with each other. The single platform is easy to deploy and will increase responses times. Real time, effective communication can excel decision making within the company.

Studies have shown that by allowing your staff to work from home, their productivity can be accelerated by an average of 25%.

5) Hyper Mobility

One of the biggest advantages of unified collaboration is the lack of dependency from the physical office. By 2020, it is expected that working from home will be the norm and businesses that are already investing in the policy are already seeing substantial benefits.

Unified collaboration allows you to create your own office environment anywhere and be able to work just as effectively as you can in a traditional office.

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