‘The Core’ is key

When Sky TV came along in the UK – alongside the 5 terrestrial channels were tens of shopping channels and their continuous infomercials. Lot’s of them focus on fitness and promise to give you a tighter hips, bums and tums and show you a before and after picture of how some ‘ordinary’ person has transformed their life by following a 40 minute workout a day and now they have a washboard stomach and killer abs. Whilst the ‘Hollywood’ element is very apparent in all of this and it’s been packaged to make you feel you need to do it – there is a sensible message in amongst this that is true across personal fitness, industry, construction and life in general; the core is key.

The core muscles for fitness or the core infrastructure looking at technology are the stable base upon which everything is built. With technology moving on so quickly and businesses trying to utilise this to drive their business forwards, the reliance on the main building blocks of a company network grows daily. The bright spark in the marketing department who wants to introduce a new service which is fun and engaging for the company will take for granted that the core is able to cope with these new demands on top of the business as usual workload. The CEO who wants to stream video directly onto his iPad will want it to work seamlessly and not consider the effects on normal business traffic.

The future (and for early adopters – the present) of Unified Communications and Collaboration focuses around colleague and customer interactions. I should be able to start up an instant messaging session with someone, bring more people into it and then turn that into an audio conference call or video conference. These sorts of interactions are what businesses are expecting to be able to achieve now. All of these and future features and functions are only possible if the core can handle it.

  • Is there enough bandwidth between my offices?
  • Will my wireless network cope with everyone connecting their smart phones as well as business devices?
  • Can the network prioritise traffic at all?

The demands for wireless and wired network services will only increase so you need to ensure that your core is designed well and able to handle the stress. In other words, keep doing those sit ups and crunches and you too can have abs of steel and the benefits that come with that!

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Andrea (Cooper) Gibson - Head of Business Development