Top 5 Best Channel News Sources

Finding the best news sources for information on channel partners and their most recent activity can be tough. It is an incredibly specialist market that involves many different industries and it has a lot of moving parts (no pun intended). This list is a good reference point for 5 of the best blogs and websites to get your daily fix on news in the channel.

1. CRN man-coffee-cup-pen

No good list of top news sources in the channel would be without CRN. We find it to be among the websites we visit most for news, particularly when we want to get a snapshot of the most current channel events. It is helpfully broken down into sections for resellers, distributors and vendors, as well as key trends in the technology industry.

2. Channelnomics

Despite being owned by the same company as CRN, Incisive Media, we often find they publish vastly different news stories, meaning no news gathering session would be complete without checking them both. Channelnomics covers news from all around the world and has dedicated websites for both EU and US news.

3. Cisco Newsroom

One of our personal favourites, the Cisco Newsroom offers a lot of original content, opinion and updates on technology. There are a variety of writers that contribute to the newsroom, and their engagement with ethical discussion and insight on how technology is improving the world is very inspiring.

4. The VAR Guy

Putting the name aside, this blog posts a variety of articles that aren’t just relevant to Value Added Resellers (VAR). It provides news and opinions on security, marketing trends and distribution, to name just a few of the other topics it covers. No one quite knows who the mysterious VAR Guy is, but we do know that he attracts a good range of writers to his blog.

5. Channel Pro

This is a great all round blog, since it covers not just channel specific news but also technology more broadly. The content is also set out in a way that makes the news you’re looking for easy to find. Channel Pro categorises its content into ‘latest news’, ‘advice’, ‘opinion’ and ‘people’, and this means you can get a wealth of information on any area in the channel you’re looking for.

There are many more news sources that could be listed here, but if you’re looking for a quick way to find the most relevant news in the channel, or if you only have time to check a few different places for news during your day, then make sure you’re at least looking at some of the news sources mentioned on this list.

Are you already using these news sources or do you have some recommendations of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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