What does unified communication look like in 2018?


Unified communication (UC) is a constantly evolving industry due to advancements in technology and the needs and standards of businesses.

As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018, we have been thinking about the possible key trends we will be seeing shape the future of unified communications over the next twelve months.

Cloud Unified Communications

Following on from 2017, the major movement in the industry is the delivery of Cloud UC.  The move to the Cloud is increasing as companies are moving towards an ‘as a service’ model.

At Amtech Business Solutions, we can offer our solution via on premise, cloud-based or a hybrid. This makes it easily adaptable to suit your company or organisation’s specific needs.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions are a follow-on trend from the cloud. Not all companies want to have everything on the cloud so this solution is perfect for them. A hybrid solution provides the option to making the first step towards a cloud infrastructure and provides a simple migration path in the future.

Collaboration Tools

Just making traditional voice calls is no longer the standard. Users want to have the ability to do voice, video, chat and meeting capabilities from a single interface.

Our favourite collaboration system is Cisco Spark. It enables teams to collaborate with ease, including video calling, instant messaging and file sharing. It ensures the team members are kept up to date throughout a project using Spaces.

Modern workplace

Unified communications and collaboration solutions support the latest workplace trends. Many employers are now allowing their employees to work remotely and flexibly. Having a solid collaboration system in place will allow for the same quality of work as if they were working in a traditional office.

At Amtech Business Solutions, we are excited to see how 2018 will change the shape of Unified Communications. If you would like some advice, call us on 0330 6600 538.


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Andrea (Cooper) Gibson - Head of Business Development