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Cloud-managed networking is commonly used when referring to the ability to manage Wi-Fi, wired and SD-WAN network infrastructure as a cloud-based service. This service is typically hosted in the cloud by a 3rd party as a subscription-based purchase model.

Amtech work with a number of market leading vendors to provide this for our customers at different price points. There are a huge number of benefits to cloud networking including:

  • Reduced Management Burden for IT
  • Access to a complete feature set ‘out of the box’
  • Capabilities built specifically for the cloud
  • Anywhere, anytime network access
  • A fully secured solution that is continually updated as new patches and features become available.
  • Speed of deployment.

This is just a small list of some of the benefits of cloud networking. We find each industry has a specific benefit that they value above others and through our years of deploying these solutions, have learned and can provide insights to assist customers and help them get the best from these solutions.

As with all the solutions we offer, we work with multiple partners to provide choice to our customers and ensuring we always select the best partner for those customer’s needs. We also provide design, configuration and deployment consultancy and advice relating to best practice for keeping your network secure and operating efficiently.

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