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Solution Overview

How you collaborate with your customers on projects, and how your staff share best practices internally can make or break your business. With constant changes and continual improvements in IT infrastructure and end-user devices, having a streamlined collaboration strategy is vital to put you ahead of your competitors. Collaboration is not always a single product, but a set of tools that provides a consistent unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types – which is why a Unified Communications (UC) strategy is so important. By integrating real-time applications such as instant messaging (chat), presence, telephony (including IP telephony), web and video conferencing and desktop sharing, we can provide users with the ability to:

  • See co-workers and contacts availability
  • Work more efficiently with users time and resources
  • Collaborate via a method supported by each users device
  • Work from anywhere – reducing the carbon footprint for users traveling to meetings and saving travel costs.

By using this approach we are able to minimise disruptions to workflow and limit the amount of time wasted in trying to locate and engage with team workers, business stakeholders and suppliers. Your customers will have increased confidence too that you are always contactable, will listen and share ideas and advice. Amtech Business Solutions are experts at bringing teams together, be that a multi-site legal practice in the UK, or a global manufacturer with factories around the globe.

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