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How To Unlock Hidden Revenues Through Your Contact Centre   

Contact centres are incredibly influential for many businesses, they not only operate across a wide range of industries but can help with business efficiency, impact growth, and contribute positively in so many ways.  

While they used to be called call centres a few decades ago, nowadays, they are so much more and have evolved to be able to connect with multiple customers across a range of platforms at the same time. 

Here are a few ways you can unlock hidden revenues through your contact centre … 

Improve Sales 

Driving revenue and sales is incredibly important for any business and a contact centre helps you to fully realise your potential in this manner. Having more operators on hand to take calls and handle customers means that you can engage more often and increase sales. 

If you have busier periods, they are incredibly beneficial – for example, to handle ticket sales to an event. Unified Communications and Collaboration technology can help you to easily add VoIP seats during busy times, so you can be as flexible and agile as you need to, throughout the year. 

Increase Credibility 

A contact centre can add an incredible amount of authenticity to any business. If a customer calls and they are greeted by a professional message or put through to a contact centre rather than a voicemail, then the customer will immediately see the business as more established. This goes even further when we consider other types of technology used like instant messaging and chatbots on websites. 

This omnichannel approach increases credibility with customers and portrays any business as a well-established company. Being accessible in multiple ways it important to customers and an omnichannel approach allows you to do just that. 

Gain More Customer Insights 

Having more access to your customers through a contact centre allows you to develop a better picture of who is buying your product or service and why.  

There are numerous ways to track this, one way is by listening to contact centre feedback, but a more efficient way is through call recording software. Call recording allows you to not just listen to your customers but also to improve the service provided to them and is a part of numerous UCC packages. 

Enhance Customer Service 

Today, customers’ have choice like never before. So, in order to ensure that you are looking after your customers in the best way possible, having a contact centre with the best software and equipment is vital.  

A contact centre allows you to engage quicker, faster and more personally with customers than many other methods. A contact centre enhances the customer experience, and should you need it, also gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with 24-hour support, giving your customers total freedom when it comes to getting in contact with you. 

Enhance Your Contact Centre Today 

The benefits of a contact centre, especially for small to medium businesses, means that it has the potential to transform how you operate.  

Amtech can help you to engage with your customers in the best way possible with contact centres and communication opportunities that allow you to increase your revenue and customer engagement.  

Ask us today for more information on our unified communication and collaboration solutions that make a difference and help you to take more calls and make more money. 

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