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Why do Sports Clubs Need UCC? 

Provide your fans, patrons, and visitors to your sport club with the best experience on the pitch and off it.  

Embrace IT solutions within a sports club that makes a difference. Unified communication and collaboration solutions can be the heart of your club, helping you to serve fans, athletes, and employees in the best way possible. 

Ticket Sales Not Lost Sales 

Whether it’s just a normal event or a big one with increased interest, you need to make sure you have the setup required to deal with people getting in touch. Every missed call or contact is not just an empty seat in the stand or extra space in the bar, but lost revenue. 

When someone calls or gets in touch, an efficient system will mean that people get help quickly and easily – allowing you to sell tickets and respond to queries faster.  

For those with bigger operations and clubs, we can support contact centres with omnichannel customer service which extends to sales, so you can engage with customers in multiple ways at their convenience. This will help you sell seats for big games and season tickets faster and in more volume than ever before. 

From simply receiving calls to implementing automated attendants to handle busy periods (such as season ticket renewals), a phone system can handle a vast range of customers depending on your needs. 

Connectivity That Engages Everyone 

For clubs with bigger facilities or those who run as a business, connectivity must mean communication and collaboration that works. From ticket sales to wages and Wi-Fi for fans to enjoy at the game. It’s also necessary for larger sports clubs who cater to media organisations. 

Local community clubs need to provide good services for their patrons when they’re visiting – which includes wireless connectivity. You’ll have many parents who have brought their child to training, which provides you with the option to bring them into the clubhouse and sell teas, coffees, and other refreshments. Keep them engaged in the club through flawless connectivity while their children enjoy playing. It allows everyone to live their online life while at your facilities. 

Connectivity is fundamental and seamless. If connectivity is working it is a hidden service but if not, it can cause a raft of issues, so it’s vital to ensure your connectivity setup is right. 

What An Amtech Bespoke Solution for UCC Means for Your Club 

With Amtech, your sports club can enjoy connectivity and collaboration tools that are easy to use, seamless, and allows anyone to stay connected or work, right from your football club. In addition, everything is scalable and flexible, so as your club grows, so does your tech solution. When you need more VoIP seats to handle ticket sales for a big game, no problem. It’s quick and easy to upgrade. 

Amtech and Sports Clubs  

With Amtech, your club will receive connectivity and collaboration with one point of contact. This means we take care of everything, with bespoke solutions that are tailor made to fit your needs as a football club.  

  • A Sport Club Focused Solution 
  • Seamless Connectivity & Collaboration Services  
  • The Best Tech in Software & Hardware 
  • Protected Security & Data Protection 
  • Single Supplier 
  • One Point of Contact 

First off, we’ll look at your site and conduct a complete audit that identifies speed, coverage and how your connectivity and collaboration solutions can be improved. And as Amtech isn’t tied to a single provider or host, we can help you to find exactly what you need. 

We’ll make sure you’re the best you can be off the sports field, while you focus your attention on it. 

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