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How To Prepare For The ISDN Switch Off In One Simple Step …

There is still a bit of time until the ISDN switch-off in 2025. This means you have a fantastic opportunity to plan ahead, so when the time comes, your telephony system, alarms, CCTV devices and others continue to work.  

While the ISDN switch-off is still 2 years away, now is a good time to prepare your business with one move. 

Naturally, your voice-connected services like phone lines will be impacted.  The switch-off will mean many telephony devices and services that aren’t prepared will cease to function, as well as items like alarms, EPOS systems and CCTV devices that rely on ISDN and PSTN lines. But one move, that doesn’t cost anything, will help you to work out the best solution to avoid all this: An Amtech tech review and site audit. 

With an Amtech review, we can help you to identify areas that will be affected and mitigate the issues the ISDN switch-off will cause many businesses. We’re independent and aren’t tied to a single provider, so we’re able to provide you with a full review that focuses solely on you. We’d be happy to help you review your plan for the ISDN switch-off and help you to prepare for the future.  

See what’s possible and get in touch to book in a date for one of our experts to visit your site and conduct a full and thorough review. 

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