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Make Work Easy For An IT Manager With UCC

An IT Manager’s job is never done. There is so much to work on and improve when it comes to keeping up with modern technologies and ensuring that you’re able to do so in a time-efficient manner is just part of your responsibilities.  

The reality of today’s world means that hybrid working is now more common than ever and the strain on IT Managers has increased considerably. Gone are the days where the complexities of just two or three networks from office locations was the bulk of the job, today, that task has ballooned to include managing hundreds of networks for each employee from home. The job for an IT Manager has changed, and yesterday’s solutions are no longer today’s answers. 

With that in mind, how are you able to keep everyone on point and working well with tech that just works. The answer is Unified Communication and Collaboration services … 

The UCC Impact 

Unified communications and collaboration services actively help your teams to be in touch regardless of distance, be more productive, and work with tech that makes working easier. Here’s what UCC can provide: 

Collaboration That Works 

Easy to use tech that allows easier collaboration on projects and easy to share documents and tasks from anywhere. 

Increased Productivity  

The best tech isn’t simply great for collaboration but also to improve productivity and help everyone within the company to work better. 

Flexible Working Options 

Work better anywhere, whether it be from home, across locations, or even with a client, you can work wherever you want with no drop in quality.  


Quickly scale up, as and when you need to. Need more VoIP seats to take on a new client? No problem, it’s easy to upgrade so you can meet increased demand. 

Making the process simple 

First off, you need to make it easy-to-use. As humans, we tend to shy away from anything that is difficult or doesn’t make sense and the same goes for your IT solution. With UCC all the information and data stays in that single place, so you’ll always know where it is and have access.  

A non-UCC solution will increase the risk of using unsecured technology (like SMS or WhatsApp). And while this may be seen as ok, there isn’t just a risk of losing data, but also finding it. Having to search across multiple different platforms can be an increasing difficulty for you and your teams. Simplify the workflow for everyone with unified communication and collaboration software and services that brings everything together. 

Embrace a bespoke solution 

With Amtech, your IT department will receive connectivity and collaboration with one point of contact. We’ll take care of everything you need with bespoke solutions that are created for your objectives. 

  • Seamless Connectivity & Collaboration Services  
  • The Best Tech in Software & Hardware 
  • Protected Security & Data Protection 
  • Single Supplier with One Point of Contact 

Enhance your IT solution today 

We’ll look at your site and conduct a complete audit that identifies speed, coverage and how your connectivity and collaboration solutions can be improved. And as Amtech isn’t tied to a single provider or host, we can help you to find exactly what you need. 

Make sure your IT Manager has access to everything they need to help you to run in the best viable way. Get in touch with us here at Amtech today. 

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