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Improving Legacy Telephony Systems Through Unified Communications and Collaboration

How is your telephony system? Is it the best it can be or is it struggling to meet yours and your customers’ needs?  

For many businesses, it is the latter. However, there is hope. Many organisations are finding that through Unified Communications and Collaboration software, they are driving their legacy telephony systems towards the future, whether as a replacement, or in unison. Even if you think that your system is a lost cause, we’re here to tell you that it is possible to bring it up to date. 

Why is your telephony system lagging behind?  

There are several reasons why your phone system may be lagging. The obvious one is the lack of modern hardware and software, with some organisations running off of outdated telephony systems.  

As you are no doubt aware, technology moves fast, so your business can be behind with legacy systems that are not flexible enough to change with the times. This is an issue that is less of a problem with UCC solutions that can adapt and integrate with new technology and capable of improving legacy hardware and software as well.  

It’s not just technology that can be falling behind, but also support. An old system or way of working will also fail to have the support it requires from the original manufacture or third-party. Like with technology, support moves on and focuses on the fresh new thing, so with tech that is unable to keep up with the times, you’ll find that you’ll be left scratching your head with little back up from manufacturers. 

Why is there a need to change?   

These days, customers demand more from businesses when it comes to how they interact and we are aware that some businesses are, in simple terms, stuck with certain parts of the system they have for many legacy reasons. UCC can bring them up to speed. Whether that is by working in conjunction with legacy tech, or as a replacement, if not at the time, then certainly later if possible.  

Your business needs to keep up with change, the demands from consumers are growing as they want instant responses to questions, notifications on where tickets and requests are at, and so much more. Old systems just cannot keep up. UCC, whether with or without legacy software, can help you to mitigate many issues.  

Move away from legacy telephony systems and embrace UCC  

Unified communication and collaboration as part of a custom solution that fixes legacy IT issues will help your business to do more and keep on top of your objectives.  

Collaboration That Works  

Take advantage of technology that allows everyone to collaborate better and work on tasks from anywhere.  

Increased Productivity   

Improve productivity with technology that helps to get the job done rather than making things difficult.  

Flexible Working Options  

Work better anywhere, whether it is from home, at the office, or even with a client, you can work wherever you want, with no boundaries.  


Scale up as and when you need to. Whether it is more VoIP seats or something else, it is no problem. With UCC it is easy to upgrade to meet demand.  

The Amtech Difference  

We have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly complicated legacy systems and setups, helping businesses to untangle their digital wires and ensure that they have a modern IT setup that provides what they need as a business.  

Improving legacy systems means that your digital transformation can move forward and incorporate integral items for a modern workplace such as cloud applications, and progressive infrastructure and allow you to stay on top of safety and security.  

Amtech provides full technical support all year round as part of a unified communication and collaboration package that helps you to overcome legacy issues with a custom solution designed specifically for you.  Why not ask us what’s possible today? 

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